That doesn't change the situation one iota.

There's a fire downtown.

I wish copyrights didn't last so long.


I never meant to hurt them.


The candidate is knowledgeable on the developments of physics but we can't hire him.


Filiberto just lost his job.

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He deserved it.

I don't believe this is happening.

That car belongs to Rudolph.

He has some knowledge of mechanics, electronics and hydraulics, but has no permanent job.

I want to sign the contracts.

Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

Tao always seems to be in a big hurry.


I've got Hank with me.

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I always knew you'd be back.

I put away 10 dollars each month.

She's a better leader than he is.


It is the first step which is troublesome.


Everyone is entitled to be capricious now and then.

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You sweep the kitchen floor while I clean the bathroom.

My brother takes care of our dog.

I asked them the same question.

Rex finished second.

I have a bad feeling about this.

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Win is almost as old as my father.

Do you remember what time we were supposed to be there?

We know that's never going to happen.

You took your sweet time.

She is full of good intentions.

I'll soon tell you whether 23 is a magic number.

This is certainly the most delicious juice I have ever drunk in my life.

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Somebody's got to talk to her.

It would be good if you didn't eat too much.

Industrial wastes pollute the earth.

All living things die some day.

I'm in the middle of packing my stuffs.

The birds flew south in search of warmth.

I have a report to give tomorrow morning.


He is a rude person.

It was all worth it.

To take something too far.


We've made a deal.

As soon as he reached home, Geppetto took his tools and began to cut and shape the wood into a marionette.

If I ever turn into an alcoholic, I'll surely go on vacation to Antalya.


Are you hitting on me?

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Can I stay?

I can't tell if you're serious or not.

Would you mind if I have a look?

Is that what Lynnette has been telling you?

We don't understand French.

The wind drifted the sand.

Listen up, students!

Peter isn't anything like his father.

The price includes tax.

Throughout its history, Yemen has experienced 11 civil wars.

Meg is preparing breakfast.

He turned pale with fear.

If it doesn't rain soon, our garden is going to dry up.


The goldfinch is a very interesting bird.

Jack has been living in New York for six years.

He has a platinum credit card.

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Lou stood watching.

The bear bites itself.

I need to know who'll be coming.

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Do you have any other theories?

A student from America lives near my house.

My father teaches English at a high school.

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Son was very tense.

We're managing.

Please show me your notebook.


Fish use their fins as oars.

I'll see him later today.

After the war, Ford entered politics.

Your account is empty.

It is no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.

The more foolish a child is, the cuter he seems to his parents.

Do you have any last-minute advice?

Did you watch TV tonight?

In the religious-cult trial, the ambitious lawyer will represent the cult leader.

He who begins many things, finishes but few.

I haven't seen my sister in months.

You can't be afraid to make mistakes when learning a foreign language.

It's not like that anymore.

You just sit here and wait.

I only answer when I'm asked.


I'd rather throw it away than give it to him.

Previously people believed the earth was flat.

Perhaps we could talk later.

The only one who enjoys a crowded subway car is a pickpocket.

The telephone call lasted six hours.

Wendy has an eating disorder.

The dictionary on the desk is Leung's.


I totally freaked out.

I'm not sure when he'll come.

I saw him at the station a few days ago.

I've always wanted to travel through Europe.

I need to have a word with you in my office.

Did Stan tell you how he met Takao?

She does not have the money for buying a new car.


"What are the twelve signs of the Zodiac, in the order in which the sun passes them by in the course of a year?" - "Um, let me think for a minute!" - "No thinking! It's got to come as quick as a shot!"

Mahmoud isn't very open to criticism.

We didn't need to take those risks.


Connie made good use of the money we lent him.

Joe still lives with his mother.

There is no such thing as true objectivity. We all perceive the world subjectively, through the prism of our experiences and beliefs.


Mrs. Kotter said, don't do that any more.


You haven't been studying French as long as I have.


The old man you just saw is my grandfather.

"Do not kill me, kind Tsarevitch," said the bear.

This song is very touching.


I would like a room.

Raman and Eddie will enter from the back.

After a brief interlude, Caesar decided to join the army once again and left Rome. While he was sailing across the sea, a group of pirates kidnapped him.

He seems angry.

Jay arrived yesterday.

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The equal rights and survival of languages can be assured only if the European Union accepts a neutral, easy-to-learn bridge language for interethnic communication, introducing it step by step.

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She married him even though she didn't like him.


What an amusing situation!


Judith was Rathnakumar's only child.

Milner made a speech.

I'm sorry, but I must insist. I have to talk to him.

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A giant lizard is destroying the city!

I live right down the road.

The barbers have made you look better!

Does she own a pet?

Do you think you can handle a few minutes alone with Rafael?

I have a lot to learn.

Both Dan and Linda thanked Matt.

I would die for them.

That's been happening every morning.


The girl entered the room.

She's an outlaw.

They brought solid fuel with them.


The future used to be better.

It's always good to work on a team all the members of which feel that they're making a great contribution to the success of some business.

Can it be true that she committed suicide?

You did all you could.

Do you have any predictions?


Raanan is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

How much should I pay?

I'll order that later.

I don't know how to play pool.

The more precise the calculations, the stronger the friendship.

If you follow my advice, you will have no trouble.

Many people who are blind do use a form of echolocation, and what Daniel Kish does, he takes that ability and hones it.


I dropped Nancy off at the library.


It's still too cold to go down to the shore.

Miniskirts have gone out of fashion.

We are going to take the bus that leaves at four.

I was late for the last bus.

I really hope Teri comes back.


I don't doubt that he will help me.

She's Caucasian.

Anyway, I'm getting more experience.


Rob crossed the road without looking both ways.

Sriram wanted to help Ramiro, but he didn't know where to begin.

I have to go get her.


He acted behind the manager's back.